Blogs Maintenance and Update # Final 1

 Blogs Maintenance and Update # Final 1

  •  Image with no boder and shadow... lite and transparency
  •  Running cat icon at the upper post title
  •  No more snow for lite and smooth surfing
  •  New Domokun Favicon...cute and nice
  •  New post title with funky fornt
  •  Cant see follower image... with no dare :P

Blogs Maintenance and Update # Final

Update and improvement...
  • New background and teks coulours
  • composition of table more nicely
  • Mouse effect sparkle
  • White snow falling
  • Lite and fast..browsing for mozzilla firefox and google chrome
Last update Blogs Maintenance and Update # 3

  • Energy saving mode..untuk menjimat kan enegy
  • Back to top..butang yg memboleh kan anda kembali di atas
  • Share button..memudah kan anda share blog ini
  • Shout mix..berteriak dan kongsi
  • Butang Home.. yang menarik di atas*kanan

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